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Ottawa - Travel pictures, tourist information and local news

Ottawa area slide shows, high resolution pictures, weather and visitor information. It's a perfect way to see some of the sights. check out the information page museum websites, transit and webcam links.

Click on the Google map link to get a Street view look at Parliament Hill from Wellington Street. The information page links also include City of Ottawa information about municipal parks and seasonal sports and outdoor activity information. Also take a look at the Lord Elgin Hotel for great accommodation packages for Confederation Park, National War Memorial streaming webcams. Canadian RSS news and Ottawa Twitter feeds are now available on this site. Click on the News Feed tab for up to the minute Canadian news, sport and local events information.

Checkout the Jobs Links page for quick access to Ottawa area jobs and career information.

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Canadian Parliament

The Chateau Laurier

Ottawa River Canal Locks

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Google street view is the next best thing to being there and brings back vivid memories of places that have been visited. To get the best out of this technology view it in full screen mode by clicking on the top right hand image embedded icon and use the pan, tilt and zoom buttons on the left.

There are times when street view does not get fully loaded when a webpage comes up. Normally this problem can be corrected by doing a page refresh/reload. Sometimes Google experiences problems, we report these problems and hope that they are quickly resolved.

The Quebec City page on this website and Castle Combe page on our website are particularly nice examples of Google Street views.

Ottawa Parliament Hill August 2010
Ottawa River Quebec View
Rideau Canal From NAC
Ottawa War Memorial
Ottawa Parliament Library
Toronto Lake Side Pier 4
Toronto Queens Quay West
Toronto Island St.Andews Church
Toronto Island Avenue Gardens
Toronto Island South Beach
Toronto Island City View
Toronto Island City View
Toronto Island Sailboats
Quebec City Hotel View
Quebec Parliament
Le Château Frontenac
Rue Du Petit Champlain
Fontaine de Tourny
Rue Du Petit Champlain
Rue Du Petit Champlain
Château de Léry

Additional high resolution pop-up picture thumbs. Click on the pictures to view.

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